Tuesday 16th June 2020 


As a collective of young people and grassroots organisations, Wellbeing for Women Africa stand in solidarity with every brave individual who has come forward and spoken about the discrimination they have faced in our sector. We applaud every single person who has spoken up about their experiences of racism, injustice, microaggressions, transphobia and white supremacist behaviour and discrimination. 


We condemn any power dynamics that have allowed such toxic environments to not only exist but flourish. This type of leadership is dangerous and damaging to the sector and the work and efforts of so many organisations and individuals working tirelessly to achieve a gender-equal world. We have always been transparent in our own leadership and Board and are continually striving to be open, intentional, just and equitable in our collective objectives and principles. 


We strongly believe that education, understanding and discussion will play a key role in driving change so we can all emerge to a brighter future. We are working through an action plan to ensure that we continue to deliver lasting and sustained change. Our commitment to representation, diversity and inclusion can be seen not only at the leadership level but also on our Board of Trustees. 


We will continue to support the urgent global conversation and as always, our platform is your platform.