WBW Youth Partner Salome Fights for Gender Equality to Tackle Deadly Infections

London, 23 July 2018.

Salome is a passionate advocate and proud Wellbeing for Women Youth Partner. She has consistently used her platform to highlight a number of key issues affecting women and girls worldwide.

Most recently, her strong and powerful demonstration that the HIV/AIDS epidemic should be tackled with consideration for structural inequality has been published by Media Planet as part of their series on HIV and Infectious Diseases.

The article provides insight into the ways that a lack of freedom in decision-making processes can lead certain groups to be disproportionately affected by some of the key global health issues of our time. In mobilising awareness about this often overlooked aspect of widespread health crises, Salome shines a new light on the full impact of gender inequality.

Wellbeing for Women is proud to support and encourage our Youth Partners, and we continue to learn from them as they highlight key topics, encourage action, and provide and fresh perspective.

You can read Salome's article on the Media Planet website here.

For more about the author, and to read her other articles, please visit her bio.