Ekanem Itoro Effiong is 25 years old, and he holds a degree in Medical Biochemistry from the prestigious University of Calabar. He has worked with the National Agency for the control of Aids (NACA). In his time in NACA, he developed an interest in programms designed to ensure the growth and development of adolescent young people (AYP) in Nigeria, especially through advocacy and HIV prevention programming. Ekanem has spent time studying how the epidemic affects AYP. Currently, he is a Programme Officer (Advocacy/Policy influencing unit) for Education as a Vaccine (EVA); an NGO founded in 2000 to improve the health and development of children and young people. He has a strong background experience in adolescent sexual and reproductive health programme design, planning and implementation and was part of the team that successfully developed three Sexual and Reproductive Health themed mobile phone applications which are now on Playstore and a youth-focused website (YouthPulse) for out of school young people in collaboration with information and communication technology companies/consultants. He is also a member of the National Health Reform Coalition and CSO working groups. Ekanem has helped facilitate the review of the female counseling tool in line with making the tool youth specific and youth-friendly in three States in Nigeria and have undergone numerous certification courses on global health and reproductive issues. Importantly, he has always believed that every citizen has a role to play in the development of Nigeria. His ultimate goal is to be part of the young minds that will ensure change and help in the development of our great country Nigeria.



Sexual Education: Comprehensive vs. Abstinence

National Youth Policy: A Review