Josephine Varghese is a PhD candidate at the department of Sociology & Anthropology, University of Canterbury. Her developing thesis explores the experiences of young migrant women in the Chennai, India. She is active outside the academic sphere, serving as a directorial board member of Queerala, the largest youth-led organization working to further LGBTQIA rights and well-being in Kerala, India. She is also a member of the Equity and Well-being Advisory Committee, University of Canterbury Students Association and Social media manager for University of Canterbury Feminist Society. Having grown up in Zimbabwe and rural India, Josephine is interested in the historic, socio-economic and political factors that shape the present and future of the ‘global south’, particularly south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.  She is fascinated by social and political movements spurring change across the world. Josephine holds diverse professional experience having worked as TV anchor for 3 years in India, and with over 5 years of teaching experience at the tertiary level, both in India and New Zealand.



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