Kadija is a fierce young leader who lives and works between Conakry, Guinea and Minneapolis, USA. Her lifelong passion is the fight for gender equality, where she is an internationally-acclaimed champion for the rights of women and girls. She founded Le Projet Ecoute a little over two years ago and has made it one of the most outspoken youth- and women-led non-governmental organizations in Francophone West Africa. Under her leadership, Le Project Ecoute has empowered over 4000 children through the creation of a comprehensive personal safety program that is delivered through the dispersal of educational materials and workshops.

Kadija fearlessly engages policy makers in Guinea to create sustainable change, where her organization’s focus for 2017 is the empowerment of children - especially girls - who have suffered displacement due to the recent Ebola crisis. She is a proud Women Deliver Youth Scholar and One Young World Ambassador.


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