Lorence Kabasele Birungi is a 26-year-old youth advocate from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is involved in the Youth Forum on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Youthfim), a youth organization that informs, inspires, and involves young people in  development. As the Youthfim Girls’ Manager, Lorence’s work focuses on the development of young girls, education about sexual and reproductive health and rights, and advocacy against child marriage. She is also the Vice-President of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Democratic Republic of Congo Youth Advisory Panel, where she provides consultative advice on matters pertaining to the girl child.

Lorence’s advocacy focuses on policy change to end child marriage in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She initiated the “Red Card to Child Marriage” campaign that is supported by the UNFPA, where she has worked with 8 networks and movements of youth organizations to train 550 people on advocacy and leadership for the prevention of child marriage and teenage pregnancy. Through this campaign, she has managed to create 11 networks of engaged men, sensitize 127,569 people, organize inter-generational dialogues around child marriage, and secure medical assistance for some pregnant young women by co-ordinating prenatal consultations through to childbirth, as well as facilitating professional reinsertion programs for young women, which are delivered in partnership with Lizadelle.

As she looks ahead to the future, Lorence plans to use the Mwasi Tech Hub platform, which is the first women’s tech hub in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to empower young women - especially young mothers - in the use of new technology.


Child marriage in democratic republic of congo