Onikijipa was born on the 7th April 1996 in Lagos, Nigeria. A graduate of International Relations and Diplomacy from Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti. 

I’ve always loved to write and it occurred to me it didn’t have to stop at a mere interest, I could go as far as creating a platform where people could read up on issues they’ve always known but don’t fully understand, issues from the past they’d like to address or just something they could read to make their day better or their life in general. 

I started my personal blog in January 2018 and it’s been nothing but amazing since then. Through this, many people have been inspired and guided some way or another and sometimes it’s just all they need to hear.  When I’m contacted in case they need to talk about anything at all, I make sure I lend a listening ear and don’t leave them the same as they were before reaching out.

To me, writing is a way of helping people who don’t feel comfortable enough to open up to their friends and family. I’ve written about different topics, varying from living and not just existing, to how you can be more than married, the human code, the culture of rape and many others.



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