Renovat Moody is a 22 year old British citizen born in Burundi during the Civil War in 1995. Having left Burundi at eight years old, Renovat was adopted, but never forgets how hard life was in those conditions. He has recently graduated at Plymouth College of Art, earning a BA (Hons) in 3D Design Crafts. As a creative and compassionate mind, Renovat seeks to give back to Burundi, and to use his talents and strengths to create a sustainable agricultural development programme. As a glassblower, he sells his work in galleries, exhibitions, and to private clients and uses half of the proceeds to help develop the farm settlement. His goals for Burundi are designed to provide employment and to elevate the community through productivity and sustainable access to food. In the process, Renovat aims to create opportunities for single mothers and the future generation, to ensure that communities are self-sustaining and enriched.


Burundi: A Vision of the Future