Tikhala Itaye, is a Malawian 27 year old global youth health advocate who is passionate about social justice and development. Tikhala has an unwavering commitment to the continuum of care for the health of women, children, and adolescent issues. She is a vibrant youth leader whose voice seeks out to advance the needs of young people at global, regional and national level. She co-founded a youth led organisation called Her Liberty in 2012 in Namibia (Her Liberty aims to advocate and demand accountability for the needs of socially disadvantaged young women and girls) and has recently established a branch in Malawi. Under her leadership as President of the African Youth and Adolescent Network (AfriYAN) she has developed and demonstrated skills to co-ordinate 21 youth country networks in East and Southern Africa that embody different youth led organisations. Additionally, she is a board member of the Partnership on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, representing the Adolescent and Youth Constituency within this framework. Tikhala’s expertise has provided her the knowledge to be able to articulate issues pertaining to youth and adolescent on different high level platforms, publications and articles (visit www.youngpeopletoday.net). Additionally, she is a member of the UNAIDS African Regional Think Tank Committee on Social Justice, she has produced a 13 episode TV Drama series on HIV and GBV called "Don't Kiss and Tell" targeting young people, aimed to change behaviour patterns and attitudes, has worked as a Country Director for a Global Fund Regional Key Population program in Malawi and currently hosts her own TV Youth Talk show in Malawi called "21st Generation."



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