Youth Voices: Changing the Conversation

The chasm is closing between this generation of International Development leaders and the next.

Gender is the lens through which the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have become clearer.

Wellbeing for Women supports young advocates as they give life to new solutions.

Harnessing the best and brightest minds in International Development, Wellbeing for Women mentors, supports and amplifies the unique voices of our Youth Partners to make a tangible impact in any decision-making space.

Our model is collaborative – not competitive – so we actively support any organisation that harnesses the energy and insight of young people by committing to sustainable, meaningful and remunerated youth engagement.

The beauty of this model?

Anyone can be a partner.

Even you.

Our Advocacy

Harness the unique power of youth voices.

We believe that compassionate young advocates should be valued… and not just with flattery.

We believe that every young person has a unique story: their own.  But learning how to tell it – to reveal the vital human element to advocacy – is a skill that must be learned.

That’s why Wellbeing for Women helps our Youth Partners find their unique voice and then shares it with the world.

Our Mentorship Microgrants program provides not just editorial support, but also funding to Youth Partners.  We work with them on every pitch, article and publication so their strongest messages shine through.

We collect and promote our Youth Partners’ perspectives for our Action Points for Changing the World master documents: part educational tool, part advocacy article, and most importantly… an action check-list so we can collectively be a part of the solutions.

We care about gender equality.  We care about youth engagement.  And we believe that if our Youth Partners are supported to find and use their voice, there is no reason to deny them a seat at the table when decisions are made that affect their futures.

We are passionate about individual mentorship, but our ambitions extend well beyond that.  And we will not stop until meaningful, sustainable inclusion of young people across the International Development sector is systemic.

Our Youth Partners

Experts from the frontline.

The right voice with the right amplification can change the world with a single sentence.

In a world fixated on qualifications, Wellbeing for Women seeks diversity.

Diversity of background.

Diversity of experience.

Diversity of opportunity.

We recognise that expertise is cultivated in a variety of ways – from academia, from a career, and from lived experience as a member of the very communities that benefit from International Development support.

Our Youth Partners hail from all over the world and in every setting.  Some work for non-governmental organisations, whilst others may have benefited from those same organisations firsthand.  Some may have spent years studying in a specialty that can bring improved standard of living to women and girls, whilst others may have campaigned for their own human rights on the frontline.

Whatever their origin story, our Youth Partners have open access to every resource and contact we have.  Because regardless of background, our Youth Partners understand sustainability, and they want to be part of the magic that comes next.

Young people aren’t the leaders of tomorrow.  They are the leaders of today.

And now they have something to say.

Our Partners

Collaborative, not competitive.

The 2030 goals are too ambitious to reach in isolation.

To achieve them, we must break down every last silo.

Wellbeing for Women is staunchly collaborative, not competitive.

What does this mean?

We encourage our Youth Partners to promote themselves and their work through their advocacy for us.

We applaud governments that demonstrate progress towards the rights, health, and wellbeing of women and girls.

We champion civil society partners who demonstrate meaningful youth engagement in their own organiaations.

Wellbeing for Women is proud to support any individual or organization that is sincerely committed to improving the lives of girls and women around the world, and is harnessing the power of youth voices to achieve it.