Mentorship Microgrant


Microgrants for Youth Partners


Our Mentorship Microgrant program is a capacity development program for Youth Partners to incorporate authenticity, storytelling and compelling evidence into the way they write editorial advocacy. We provide one-to-one mentorship to our Youth Partners to identify their unique voice as advocates, and then help them amplify their individual stories, perspectives and insights to make a real impact on the issues that inspire them.


Because we believe that the work of young people is invaluable to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, each Youth Partner is awarded a microgrant in exchange for their effort, and as a standard-setting protocol within the International Development sector.



Advocacy Workshops

Wellbeing for Women is developing an Advocacy Workshop that will make our mentorship accessible to more Youth Partners simultaneously. These training modules will provide guidance for young people to harness - rather than suppress - what makes them unique as advocates: their youth, their enthusiasm, their energy, and their individuality. This mentorship supports Youth Partners to maximise their own strengths so that they can have both the confidence and the ability to drive changes on topical issues.


Watch this space!




With over 100 articles from Youth Partners on our website and counting, Wellbeing for Women wants to put these insights in the minds – and ears! – of more people than ever before.


Podcasts are the 21st Century news headline, and we want to launch the International Development youth contingent’s equivalent of: “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”


The podcast series will combine passionate discussions between regular hosts and featured guests on subjects explored by Youth Partner articles, which set the scene for each new episode.


Watch this space!