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My name is Brian Mutebi. I am an award-winning journalist and women’s rights campaigner and founder of the Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship Fund, the first scholarship scheme in Africa for survivors of Gender Based Violence and teen mums.

I have extensively reported on and documented stories of women and girls. I have travelled to remote, hostile and dangerous areas, captured voices of women and girls in refugee settlements; survivors of sexual violence; family planning and maternal health constraints, and been at the forefront reporting on the “Let Girls Be Girls” campaign to end teenage pregnancy in Uganda.

Through my insightful and heavily researched articles, I have brought to national and international attention girls’ and women’s rights and health issues that would otherwise be ignored. For this work, I feature on the Women Deliver global list of “15 journalists, 15 voices for girls & women”. In 2018, I was named on the Africa Youth Awards’ prestigious list of “100 Most Influential Young Africans”.

Writing and advocacy makes a difference, a real difference. But there are situations that require immediate action. A teen mum who is disowned by her parents or a survivor of domestic violence whose innocent childhood is shattered by battles she knows nothing about, need immediate action. They need an education. The statistics tell it all. In Uganda, one in four girls 15-19 years of age, according to the Health Demographic Survey, is either pregnant or had a baby. Only one in 10 is able to return to school after giving birth but married off to older men where they face a higher risk of domestic violence. It’s for these reasons that I started the Scholarship Fund for girls.

It was also because of my real-life experiences. Growing up in a poverty-stricken home where access to basic necessities of life was difficult, I knew the realities of poverty. Orphaned at 10 and brought up by my peasant grandmother and step grandfather, I nearly dropped out of school when my grandparents could no longer afford the cost of my education. Along this difficult journey, however, I met good-hearted persons who held my hand up. Thanks to their support through school, I became the first graduate in my village in 2007! My journey of grace had made me understand everyone needs a hand extended to them so they could realise their dreams. I wanted to do something that would make a real difference in the lives of people. I conceived a Dream.

Convinced that education is the key to transforming lives and a lack of which undermines would-be successful lives, in 2012, I sold my land worth $1,500 and started the Brian Mutebi Dream Scholarship Fund, which has so far benefited 30 in primary and secondary schools and at university. The scholarships bestow upon such girls a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.

The task, however, is too big to handle singlehandedly. It is the reason I am asking you become my partner and Ambassador. Partners are individuals and institutions who share in my dream of transforming lives of vulnerable girls. A Partner is someone who donates to the Fund in which money is pulled and scholarships are awarded to those that need them most.

An Ambassador shares this cause with other people in their networks and encourages them to support us. Ambassadors provide that vital link of connecting willing hearts to the areas of need. Partners and Ambassadors network and fundraise, solicit donations from friends, companies, charities and philanthropists, and may assist in establishing a chapter in their city or country where individuals can voluntarily sign up to raise funds for the charity. Will you be the answer we have been praying for? Contact me at [email protected].

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