Latest Campaign: WBW digital Campaign on COVID-19 


Dear Youth Partners,


The outbreak of Covid-19 and the pandemic status by the World Health Organization has led to rapid and disruptive socio-economic, governance and public order management changes, with the most vulnerable affected disproportionately. In Africa, thousands of cases have been confirmed with a lockdown in effect. Globally, 195 million jobs could be lost as a result of the pandemic. With poor health facilities, overstretched response systems and a shortage of intensive care beds, African healthcare systems will struggle to deliver the frontline care required to deal with this pandemic.


As African governments strive to contain the situation, there is a likelihood of disproportional attention to other critical health and wellbeing services not related to Covid-19 such as interventions targeting HIV/AIDS especially with rapid urban-rural migration, those with a terminal illness, need for emergency and professional birth attendance, SRH issues and scheduled appointments. Lastly, while economic bailout plans are being discussed and private sector roundtables are being organised, the critical voices of the vulnerable youth and women in formal and informal sectors/SMEs, risk being left out and may only benefit from policy residuals and incidental opportunities thereafter. 


Immediate actions are required.


WBW seeks to run an organic digital movement to inspire action and resilience during and after the pandemic. The campaign is anchored around the role and likely impact of Covid-19 on young people who constitute Africa’s largest population and most vulnerable due to unemployment and high levels of dependency on Africa’s working young populace.


Young people are often contextually targeted as actors and not beneficiaries. We want to meaningfully involve them in the fight against Covid-19 towards addressing the negative impacts on their economic and social livelihoods and their health and wellbeing. Our digital campaign will address how youth are contributing to the response and will generate recommendations to governments and pilot young people targeted interventions during and post Covid-19.


Phase I begins with the digital campaign that will capture and address some of the issues that will potentially emanate from the pandemic, specifically looking at how African youth are being affected directly through social, cultural and economic related impacts.


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