Wa Wimbi Campaign

By Mpho Mpofu


WBWVoices launches WBW Week: from Malala Day (12th July) to Mandela Day (17th July) we will pore over the findings of the Wa Wimbi Report. The report reveals grave concerns in seeing another generation go by before women are truly reflected in positions of leadership. 

The Wa Wimbi Report, which included a total of 239 participants across 18 African countries both on and offline - was one of the first of its kind to spotlight the voices of young women and shine a light on the realities of social mobility in the workplace. It details the cultural barriers faced by women seeking leadership positions in youth-led or gender focused organisations across the continent, from the grassroots through to larger organisations. Read the full report here>>

On the basis of the findings, WBW now calls for a radical transfer of political and financial power to young and professional women. A key concern is that gender focused work across the continent is still run by men.

As a feature of WBW Week, WBWVoices and report authors Mpho E. Mpofu and Ger F. Odock will host a Twitter Chat on Thursday 16 July at 4pm EAT/ 2pm BST to convene leaders and youth partners to talk about the report findings, the calls to action, the lived experiences of young women’s paths to leadership, and hear African women leaders’ advice and guidance. 

The Twitter Chat will serve to put youth partners directly in contact with African women leaders about challenges, struggles and opportunities in regards to girls’ empowerment and path to leadership around Africa.

Join us on Twitter on Thursday 16 July at 4pm EAT/ 2pm BST for the #WaWimbi Twitter Chat>>

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