Wa Wimbi Campaign

By Mpho Mpofu


Young women’s leadership is undermined in the civic space despite the advances in youth engagement over the years. The current configuration of youth organisations is not enough to ensure or sustain the effective leadership of young women in international development and any progress within youth spaces is still largely affected by the preferences of young men in power. Within the current global context, this is unsurprising where women are given promises of equal representation but often find the reins of power in the hands of others. 


Wa Wimbi is a global campaign that is aiming to transfer financial and political power into the hands of young women leaders to solve developmental issues affecting women and girls. It will run on the basis that the development of any agenda that does not include the perspectives, views and experiences of those who will be affected by it as not credible. 


The next stage of the Wa Wimbi campaign is now taking place and we are inviting youth leaders and influential entities to take part in an initial survey questionnaire that will capture the views from 1,000 young women leaders drawn from across different thematic areas and countries focused on sexism within the youth engagement space.


Once completed, collated and reviewed, this advocacy resource, the Wa Wimbi Report, authored by young women leaders and associates of their organisations across the globe, will be launched at the Women in Dev Conference (WID) in March 2020 in London. The launch of the report at WID will serve as both a fundraising platform and political drive for reform of the youth engagement space in favour of young women leaders.


Link to the survey:

Via web: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TheWaWimbiCampaign

For SM: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TheWaWimbiCampaign