By Lesego Gaetwesepe



I long to see you rise again. I long to see you being the precious pearl you once were. The pearl that once anchored the spirit of UBUNTU; one which was an epitome to many nations alike, demonstrating the beauty of culture and humanity.

I long to see the smiles of your people, hearing the jubilation that filled the communities, and most importantly I long to feel the love of your people.

Why have you forsaken us? Why have you forsaken our fellow sisters and brothers? Today you have turned into a field of war, an ocean full of tears and a heart full of sorrow. You have turned into a book full of unbearable memories; memories I refuse to recollect, because of the pain you have inflicted upon our fellow sisters and brothers. But I refuse to believe that this is your final destination; because you are precious. I believe that the dirt that has found its way around and in you can be swept off, and you can once again shine and outshine many.

Today I envision an Africa with hopes and dreams again. Dreams that shall make way for its citizenry. Dreams that shall restore the glory that we once had-becoming the epitome we once were. I envision an Africa that shall demonstrate the love of humanity, a continent that shall amplify the voice of its generations and demonstrate the vitality of gender parity.

Today as I write this, I urge you to remember the children, to remember the posterity and do better for them. I urge all leaders in Africa to remember their people. To see the pain of the people as their own, their tears as their own and to remind them that Africa cannot rise unless there are collective efforts. Unless we exercise the gift of love and deter from seeing our differences that are marked by colour, gender, religion and many more but to see our differences as an overarching factor to moving forward, and bringing out the uniqueness that shall showcase the beauty of Africa, the beauty of being an African and most importantly the beauty of ONENESS.



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