Sponsor an article through our Mentorship Microgrant program


We believe that asking young people to work for free is exploitation of their hunger to work. Because of this, we pay every Youth Partner for the advocacy editorials they write in our Mentorship Microgrant program. A donation of just £50 funds Wellbeing for Women to provide ongoing, one-to-one mentorship to a Youth Partner for an article of their choice, including overhead costs.


Donations can be earmarked for a specific advocate, editorial topic, or a general donation. 



Sponsor Advocacy Workshop


The International Development sector is brimming with youth delegations seeking bespoke advocacy development support, but in a limited funding landscape, Wellbeing for Women’s small team has made the decision to prioritise Mentorship Microgrants for Youth Partners above developing and implementing Advocacy Workshops at conferences and Congresses. We have the capacity, passion and unique insights from the sector to boost the ability of young advocates to enter the spaces where they can generate influence, but funding is needed to develop Workshop materials.


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Youth Voices Book


Wellbeing for Women’s Youth Partners have done the hard work in creating hard-hitting, insightful and entertaining advocacy editorials. They have developed Action Points for Changing the World. They have opened their minds, worked at their craft and used their voices. Now we want to put their insights into the hands of leaders, policy-makers and influencers by publishing our inaugural Youth Voices Book, for launch at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2018.


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Wellbeing for Women’s podcast creates a new layer of accessibility to our Youth Partners’ advocacy. Podcasts are the favourite pastime of commuters, are user-friendly for people with literacy issues, and humanise important issues and ideas. Even better: They’re FUN! There’s no reason advocacy can’t also be entertainment, so stay tuned so you can sponsor the podcast that will put the ‘fun’ in ‘fundamental human rights’.