The Challenge


  • The global sex ratio favors male babies over female babies


  • Girls forced to marry instead of pursuing education or careers


  • Female genital mutilation persists


  • Girls are commodified in human trafficking


  • Adolescent education is suppressed, leading to shame around natural pubescent changes


  • Menstruation is seen as shameful, leading to adolescent girls missing school during their cycle, which widens the gender education gap by up to 30%


  • Lack of sexual education makes girls vulnerable to sexual assault, exploitation, unwanted pregnancy, and sexually-transmitted infections


  • Gender-based violence is predominantly afflicted upon women and girls


  • Women comprise 43% of the global agricultural workforce but own less than 20% of land


  • Women are paid at a lower rate than their male counterparts for the same work and are overlooked for career advancement


  • Femininity is associated with weakness, unreliability, and hysteria


  • The rights and dignity of women and girls are not protected adequately by the law


  • Progress towards gender equality is obstructed by patriarchy


  • Women still lack political, social, and economic equality to men

The Solution


Our Youth Partners are the solution


  • They have studied these issues academically


  • They work in International Development and understand the issues and the solutions


  • They come from settings where resources are thin, and have a first-hand understanding of is needed

We're raising them up

And you can too